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AIPG- 2014 AIR- 12 I whole heartedly would like to thank Dr. Ravi Goyal sir for his wonderful guidance and constant encouragement during my pg preparation. It was because of him, I could realize my dream in my first attempt within one year. Test series of excellence academy gives you an idea of the current trends of various entrance exams. I am sure, with sir’s guidance and regular test series of excellence academy and obviously hard work; nobody can stop you from getting a good rank in the MDS entrance.

Radhika A jain

AIPG Dec 2015 AIR-14 There are thousands of BDS graduates who prepare for MDS all India PG dental exam. Some get a rank and some don't. So what is that determines whether a person is going to get a rank in this exam - an exam considered one of the toughest in India. I would say 2 things - smart preparation and second more importantly to be guided by a right, experienced person. A guide is someone who simply helps you remain focused in your preparation and brings you back on path if you go astray. Well, I was lucky to find such a guide, even luckier to find not one but two such guides - Himani ma'am and Ravi sir. Their selfless service, their knowledge and more importantly their sincerity just compelled me even more to work harder. Trust me they have worked twice as hard as me to help me achieve my dream. The test series which simulate the all India pg exams helped me to be more familiar with the pattern of the exam I thank them for all their help as well as wish them in their future endeavors Thank u

Tanvi aggarwal

AIPG 2015 Dec., AIR-49 For success in an entrance exam like MDS hard work is important, but equally important is that the hard work should be in correct direction. I would like to thank Dr. Ravi Goyal and whole excellence academy team for guiding me to right direction and motivating me at every step. Lastly positive attitude and consistency in preparation leads to success. Good luck.

Sonia Baghla

AIPG Dec. 2015, AIR-15 HERE DREAM COME TRUE ! I Would like to thank Dr.Ravi Goyal Sir for his great motivation and wonderful guidance during my journey of preparation.The best part of excellence academy is individual attention to every student regarding doubts and controversial questions.Thank u sir for your support in achieving my dream.I wish my good luck to all students preparing for Post graduation.WORK HARD AND STAY MOTIVATED.

Tulika srivastava

AIPG Dec 2015, AIR-36 To begin with, I'd first thank my parents, The Almighty,my sisters and friends for immense support to make this dream turn into a reality. We all know that the only key to success is hard and honest work, but equally important is smart and channelled effort. With changing trend in examination pattern, it's utmost important to familiarize oneself with the pattern of paper along with in-depth theoretical knowledge and an observant eye for the clinical pictorial questions. To add to this is authentic reference and genuinely reliable material which is pivotal to every exam you wish to crack. My special thanks to Dr. Ravi Goyal and his team for putting up tremendous effort for designing a well-balanced test series which simulates the exam, along with authentic answers, crisp and concise explanation to each question. With constant motivation, Ravi sir made sure that we move towards our goal which otherwise seems an insurmountable task.

sanjeliwala abbas

AIPG Dec.2015-AIR 48, AIIMS Nov. 2015- AIR 47, PGI Nov. 2015-AIR 6, PGI June 2015, AIR 29 “There is no meaning of running fast on a wrong path”. There are many people who will tell you read this much that much, but no one is as good as Dr. Ravi Goyal, who provides the exact guidance and precise material to read, test pattern is better than any other academy. It is because of his guidance and support I am able to achieve my dreams. Special thanks to Dr. Ravi sir for constantly supporting me throughout the preparation. Dedicate your time and soul, mind and heart in just fulfill one dream, I am sure all will achieve it. I am also sure that upcoming book of sir with name current dental examinations closes all controversies and provide great help to new aspirants.

Arvind dabhi

PGI NOV. 2015, AIR-3 By god grace and my well-wishers support, I have been able to achieve my target. I would like thank Dr. Ravi Goyal sir for his wonderful guidance. During entire preparation period, we need proper guidance and motivation. I would think my self, lucky to have mentor like Ravi sir during my preparation period who provide me proper direction and convert my hard work into selection. Test series conducted by sir is simply perfect. I am sure along with sir guidance you will definitely achieve your target.

Hardeep Mori

AIPG Jan. 2015, AIR- 36 Your incessant support coupled with able guidance made sure that I reach to my destination...achieve my dream... thanks a ton for being a Mentor thus propelling me to new heights. “Thank you very much Dr. Ravi Goyal sir, All the best to students for their dreams.


AIPG JAN, 2015 AIR- 10 With God’s grace I have been able to achieve my target. I have gone through my tough time but almighty’s blessing, family & friends support and guidance by Dr. Ravi Goyal took me to this place. Patience, cool attitude and never dying spirit is what takes me here. I am highly obliged to Ravi sir for his support, teachings and blessings. I wish all the best to everybody working hard.

Raviraj A. Gohil

AIPG JAN 2015 AIR- 58 Friends, we all know that hard work is very important for success in exams like AIPG but more is smart work. During entire preparation period we all need motivation, proper guidance and someone to support us and to clear our doubts. I am very thankful to Dr. Ravi Goyal sir for providing all of these very precisely through his "Excellence Academy". I must say, the BEST and UNIQUE thing about this academy is Ravi sir's customized suggestions to all students PERSONALLY according to their requirements.

Vaibhav Sahni

The AD corps exam guide is quite useful for students appearing for the first time, as it clearly enlists the dos and don’ts of the interview right down from the way to dress up to your conduct at the centre. A truly one of a kind initiative.

Thamarai selvi R

I have joined excellence academy for online test series AIIMS and PGI..Test series was very helpful and updated according to the AIIMS new pattern..with the help of test series fear about the new pattern has gone before the exam..Doubts clarification then and there with the WhatsApp group was very useful.. Thank you excellence academy and Archana mam for their continuous support...I secured 9th rank in PGI July 2019 session...I took house job in PGI


after submitting exam there are 2 type of documents available in pdf to download, in which one of them is exam detail i.e. only questions and answers are given in line. in which there are three table namely Sl.No, Que & Answer. Here if the width of column of Sl No decreases then it will take 1 or 2 page to print instead of 4-5 page. so kindly decrease the width of first column and subsequently increase the width of question to maintain this data in one or two page only.

Tamanna Parmar

i m preparing for neet from 2 years i found excellence acadamy very helpful , as last year i joned other it was really worth ,Ravigoyal sir and Himani m'am always there for help , for doubt solving and for motivation any time i called they help me, with humble attitude, form of test serise very helful for subject revision and also for whole couese revision in form of mock test in both neet and aiims answers were authentic in test and if any doubt i had was solved on group by sir and m'am . thank you so much sir ,m'am.

Dimple Lalwani

Oniline test series from excellence academy helped me a lot while preparation of NEET MDS. Thanks a lot Dr. Ravi sir for being always there to guide and encourage whenever needed. Sir has always been very precise as to what to study and what not to study and how the revision should be done.


Sir...I had good experience here... But Kindly provide question/Answer's explaination as well... except explanations it was good. I had little login issues earlier ..& difficulty in watching orientation video it was buffering a alot...later it was little sorted. I couldn't solve AIIMS Test papers...& Before I knew..all tests were removed from site...I didn't get any notification before... Kindly see & Website design is simple...& Not complicated as other institute' website..that is good thing.... & Most importantly Your guidance was amazing Sir.. Thanks for that Regards

Haresh Karsanbhai Sh

Sir the test series and classroom course both are part is this active watsapp group for discussion of doubts and constant guidance by you and all center heads..thank you very much sir for your guidance and support everytime..??

Harshveer kaur

Thankyou so much sir i think joining excellence academy was the best decision i made to start my preparation. last year i didn't join any coaching but after joining excellence i can see the improvement in me. whatever will be the result but i think sir u did your best to support and guide not only me but every student. the test series was overall good and almost covered important topics and rest cde book. while sitting in exam i always find so many repeats either from test series or cde book. i contacted so many academies but the way u guided me from where to study and how to study and what common mistake student do while studying, i think made the difference to join excellence. and i also think mock test explanation should also be provided as sometime we have to refer books for explanation and it waste so much time at a last minute. this was my first experience of joining any coaching as i never had taken any coaching and i am very much satisfied with it as scoring 17 rank in pgi will not be possible for me thank you so much sir for your guidance

Kunal Mohindru

Ravi sir has been there for me when ever i needed guidance. The tests really helps alot, these tests have a question bank which is different from the books. After giving tests regularly i really get a lot of confidence. Mock test were also a lot of help. I am happy that i joined excellence academy. I got all the guidance i needed. The whatsapp group was also very helpfull. And sir was available anytime of the day and kept motivating me.

Nancy Joshi

Excellence academy has been worth joining. Best institution to collect vast knowledge in a short period and in a smart way. For all those who are preparing along with internship, this is the place! It has always spoon feeded us with utmost guidance and given personal attention in our each and every step towards our goal. It has always corrected our mistakes and led to a brighter path. Test series is equally good covering almost everything. I am all satisfied and grateful to ravi goyal sir, satyaprakash sir, neha mam, himani mam and all the tutors of ahmedabad centre who took out so much time and effort for us.

Apoorva Singh

Thank you so much RAVI SIR and Himani ma'am for your valuable guidance .Test series was really helpful during the preparation. Giving all the Mock tests made me to tackle exam anxiety .Yes there is one suggestion sir please add explanations in mock test too.Thank you so much again.

Parisha Sangani

I think test series questions for neet pattern was tough and it was not helpful for me to judge how much should I attend.and d biggest thing is about our test series questions are not divided in 2 parts,like part a and part b .so it should be taken in to consideration bcz in neet exams there give 2 parts.1st part contain 100 questions and when we are in 1st part count appear on the screen is of 1st part only,while in our test series how much I have attended and how much is remaining is taken out of 240 question.i think this makes a lot clarity in students mind as our exam will be exact copy of neet pattern.and after completion of test we should display individual parts marks so that one can judge a weak part of her /his study.and questions asked are much tough that will cause negative impact on many of us.hence it seems like that from where this medical questions are coming i felt much difficulties in knowing my actual position.where i m standing.and if this questions are much more important it should be provided earlier so that we can revise it 2-3 times one thing is advice on not to do pulse que.but i haven't read it bcz our academy taught us but que.from pulse makes one 's mind to clear concepts and for basic understanding we should go for pulse que.bcz they r basic questions and prevent us to make silly mistakes ,one more thing about academy should tell us to revise pulse twice or thrice than go for other books but I think it is difficult for many student to revise pulse twice in there 1st reading but if we didn't remember one basic book heartly than there is no meaning of doing other books .I like d most beautiful thing about ravisir and himanimam is that they are very sure about what to do and what not and if I m asking some questions months earliear or few days before exam i will get same ans.only that is what ur answers make me so confident that I can find yes d best way is here ,d main thing is that some mentor from our academy advise us to do all other books which we didn't read till last month but I think we r not able to do something new in last month and as u always tell us to not do any new things in last month except neet pattern wadhwan. So in this thing we should be aware of the thing that our students should not be misguided by mistake also...thank you so much as u being a guide and helped me to clear my way.hope my review will be helpful to our academy

Arun Thakur

Overall test series was a great experience for me.Main thing which I like most in your coaching is the way you delivered the knowledge in simplest and in very humble manner .Most of the coaching now a days are more pump and show type. As I was preparing after long time your tests series guided me in right direction saved my time .As I didn't give any competitive exam in last ten years and it was tough for me to adjust in changing pattern of exam. But this test series help me lot to secure 25th rank in PGI in very 1st attempt (since last 10 years) and optimistic for NEET. Thanks a lot. Just one suggestion is that please try to add little bit explanation of important questions of mock tests also it will save lots of time of students at last moment.

Juhi Dubey

Thank you so much sir for your guidance , support and motivating us through out the year... All teachers of excellence academy is very supportive.. Sir, I want to say that there should be more medical subject classes..

Geeta Chudasama

I really appreciate from excellence academy . special thanks to dr.ravigoyal sir for such a guidance.yr test series really helping us ,so I suggest whose join the ecadamy give regular test it will help you in examination . classroom lecture clear the all those basic thank you so much.

Nalini Munduri

Thank you so much Dr. Ravi goyal sir and excellence academy for the best McQ book.. Cde17 and best test series.. It is by your guidance I have done well in my exam.. I'm pretty sure I'll be selected for government seat in my state.thank you Ravigoyal sir ,excellence academy

Atul Parashar

From a dedicated mentors to the best academy this is what it means. I really thank to all the mentors and Dr Ravi Goyal Sir for getting all us through it. Content,test series, and individual focus that you guyz give is nowhere given. I really wish that we all will made u proud.

Prerna Soni

Thank you sir... For the tests and all your support throughout the year.. They all helped me out in my exam and i am glad that i choose excellence academy to guide and direct me for this major exam of mine

Disha Ramrakhyani

As i live in indore where there are no coachings for mds .... bt this being an online test series was no less than a live coaching..... the discussions were so heldul and then i found oit their book CDE much more helpful then any other book just loved it....

Tanmai Chauhan

Hello sir, Thank you 4 always being there 4 us.....mking us upated n always motivating us... I would also like 2 thnk Dr Nehamam n Dr satyaprakash sir 4 providing us best faculty 4 each n ever subject....n also always being there in our stressful condition....bcoz of that only we are able 2 prepare with internship....

Honey Jivrani

It was a great experience.. Joining this academy was my best decision.. All mentors have worked really hard for all of us individually.. Specially Dr.neha ma'am nd Dr.satyaprakash sir.. Test series,group discussions and questions are very much helpful.. Its worthy being part of it..

Kinjal Vyas

Best Academy for MDS aspirants. Online test series of Excellence academy are really useful for self assessment during preparation.And best thing is detailed explanation of every question. Thank U Excellence acadamy .

Barkha Bansal

First of all thank you Ravi sir for your support you are a great guide one can ever ask for ,always encouraging and helpful, the current dental examination book is an excellent book and a must book for post graduate mds aspirant and test series is worth covers all the latest pattern questions that has chances to come in main exam .

Devika mehra

A good choice for a pg aspirant...Updated questions and good support from ma'am and sir ...Group discussions and well on time answers by our teachers definitely will help every aspirant for overcoming their doubts and right on path peparation..thank-you excellence academy

Nishtha chauhan

Authentic test papers and the best part of this academy is Ravi Goyal Sir... He is an amazing mentor... Person who constantly works for his students.. His constant motivation and support boosts you throughout your journey of preparation.

Radhika Yagnik

I personally admire Dr Ravi Goyal sir's efforts...if i get gud rank in MDS ,i'll give the whole credit to him..his support & guidance...he is available for students 24×7 & motivate them throughout the year...i'm satisfied with the Excellence Academy..thanku so much sir

Preeti Meel

The test series was very good.It covered all the subjects .The mock question papers were very helpful in preparation of the exam.All the doubts and queries were promptly solved.Definitely good effort by the excellence academy.

Varsha anshani

Test series was very good We got almost 50% of questions from excellence academy neet test series only I'll were very good to ur student sir I feel blessed to join to ur academy ?? Thank you so much sir ??

Varun Wadwani

The test series helped alot during the preparation. Some of the questions in NEET were like a direct pick from the test series. The difficulty level is quite high which prepares you for the upcoming exam.

Rowena Navjyot Basi

excellent test series is provided, it helps a lot for preparation . good guidance is provided which helps a lot during the preparation time not only for studying but also in keeping us fully motivated.

K.Ganesh Kumar

The tests were brilliant and I am very Happy I joined excellence academy. The online test series is really worth it. I don't think any other academy provides with this many practice tests. I only have one suggestion if I may. Few of the tests had incorrect answers plus those incorrect answers were never corrected in the subsequent tests in which they appeared again. I suggest the faculty to go through the question and answers once just to confirm whether all the questions and answers in the mock tests are correct before releasing it to the students to practice. Relying on correction of answers in the WhatsApp group is not a good idea as most of the students don't print all of them and keep them as soft copies. We can't correct them in the soft copy. Thank you.

Swarndeep Singh

intelligible study material provided and good faculty support

Gaurav Bhagia

The test series was excellent.... the concept of questions repeating of other subject in subjectwise test was good as automatically the other subject was getting revised and set in my mind when questions started repeating..and thank you Ravi sir for your guidance everytime and in clearing the doubt..

Jinali Shah

The question bank excellence academy provide is very helpful (all mock tests).the direction given by the mentors regarding the materials to be read and the group discussions in which the queries solved by the mentors are helpful as well the book cde is quite good which is concept clearing and very concise and up to the mark fr the topics which have the probablity to be asked in the exams